COVID –19 Remote Video Production

Premium quality video using our 100% remote and contact-free video solution

We have designed a remote filming camera kit that can be sent to interviewees and presenters straight to their homes. We can dial in via an online meeting platform (i.e. zoom, Google hangout) to remotely interview, direct and operate the camera and sound equipment!

What this means is we can film with a team and edit in a group with zero contact at cinematic 4k quality.

Perfect for

  • Production Companies and Agencies looking for a Director of Photography / Cinematographer who can operate the camera and sound equipment remotely for their clients
  • Presenters / Businesses needing professional looking content and someone to assist them with the production process

Elements we take care of

  • Art Direction and Styling
  • Lighting
  • Camera framing
  • Camera settings (ISO, Aperture, etc)
  • Audio
  • Addressing any technical issues that may arise during the interview
  • Editing / Post Production

The Process

Clean and Pack 
We assemble and sterilise a remote shooting Video Pack (contains a computer tablet, camera, tripod, mic and cables)

We send the Video Pack to the interviewee or presenter a few days before the shoot

On the day our Director of Photography instructs Interviewee/Presenter to set-up the Video Pack and assists on finding best location in the space and camera frame  (this takes at least 30 mins)

The video shoot is conducted and directed over an online meeting platform, while the footage and audio are recorded via a remotely controlled camera

The camera files are sent back to us, and the usual editing process begins